Thank you for allowing me to walk with you on your healing and transformation journey.

I specialize in working with individuals and couples who are looking to feel more love and more freedom in expression of who they really are.  It is my belief that as human beings, we have the ability to transcend past our current experience and heal in an extremely transformational way through spirituality, purpose, energy, and quantum physics. 

Healing your inner child and becoming more at one with your higher self while embodying your true essence is the highlight of your experience with me.  We work on alchemizing shadows, becoming your authentic self, clearing trapped trauma in your body, harmonizing your brain and heart into coherence, and neutralizing your nervous system through meditation.  I am also trained in psychotherapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy and trauma-informed care.

This healing and transformation journey is a beautiful process and we work together to create a package that's perfect for you.  

A typical package includes:

-1 transformation session per month

-2 Psychotherapy sessions per month

-Integration sessions that include:

  -Sound Healing


  -Ecstatic Dance

  -Customized Meditations

  -Shamanic Tradition

  -Energy Clearing

  -Heart Math Technology

  -Group Integrations

Can't wait to get started.

Meghan Kristine


Sanga Trained

Reiki Master

Photography by: Adam Joy @4thejoycollection


My reading was spot on! It validated the things I knew in my heart were the next steps I needed to take.  Reading of my energy field and blockages I needed to work on were also on point.  She is the real deal, would definitely recommend!

-Kelly (Canada)